Exclusive Q & A: Debby Ryan on Her New Single & Fun on Set

Debby Ryan

Earlier this week, we told you about Debby Ryan's new single, and now Fanlala has talked to  the starlet, exclusively, about "We Ended Right." Not to mention, she told us about some of the FUN that's going on around the set of her new Disney show "Jessie." 

Debby told us that the single is being about a break-up, and what she feels is most important in any relationship. "Trust is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. 'We Ended Right' is about when that faith is lost and he’s trying to get her back.  It’s a breakup song but it’s groovy."

She also talked about teaming up with her brother Chase Ryan and friend, Chad Hively. "Being able to write with Chad and Chase was amazing.  It was cool to have Chase sing the pre-chorus and the harmonies, while Chad rapped."

We asked Debby how she's balancing working on her new show with her passion for music. "There’s a pen in the dressing room, one in the makeup room...there’s always time for me to write things. My "kids" (costars) and I will start stomping and clap a rhythm and one will do snaps and we’ll sing a long and riff along. I get a lot of inspiration for the rhythms."

As for what's next, Debby says you can expect a new song called "We Come Alive" in which she shared with us that she has a fast rapping part.  We even got a little taste of what to expect from this feel good summer song.

As for the fun going on on set of "Jessie," Debby said she just surprised her costars with an "arsenal of marshmellow weaponry."  "We just jammed the set of A.N.T. Farm with our marshmellow guns!"

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