EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Zeke and Luther's Adam Hicks

Adam Hicks Zeke and Luther Interview

Tonight marks the beginning of a two-part episode of ‘Zeke and Luther’.  Debby Ryan of Disney Channel’s ‘Jessie’ will be guest starring alongside skateboarding great Tony Hawk.  You won’t want to miss tonight’s episode that could change the lives of our favorite skateboard duo ever.
We got to talk with Adam Hicks who plays the wild and crazy Luther on the show.  See what he had to say about tonight’s episode below!
Fanlala: With Debby Ryan making an appearance on your show, what kind of character would you want to play on ‘Jessie’ if you had the chance?
Adam Hicks: Well it would be great to work with Debby, we are both into music so I know we could do a really great track together and surprise our fans.

F: Zeke and Luther are faced with some tough decisions in this episode, can we expect it to be more emotional than usual?

AH: Yes, we have some really good surprises up our sleeves for our fans out there. Just a lot of high energy and of course lots of comedy as well.

F: Tell us what working with legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk was like.

AH: It was awesome, he was just so down to earth and showed us tricks. I was stunned when I actually met him as I had idolized him since I was a kid, and then to actually get to work with him was just so AMAZING!!!!

F: Were there any major differences from filming a two-part episode than doing one of normal length?

AH: Well, our show is fast moving and we are always on the go, so it’s pretty exciting. Then our crew and everyone involved is like one big happy family, so it was just great to all be together and get to create a really fun episode.

We hope everything works out for the two in “There’s No Business Like Bro Business” tonight at 8:30p.m. ET/PT on Disney XD!

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