Maggie Sajak First Kiss

The country music genre is about to get rocked!  Maggie Sajak is a face, fresh to the scene, but we already know she’ll fit right in!  With her uplifting messages and musical skills, she definitely has what it takes to fit in with the country scene.  We got to chat with Maggie about her already blossoming career and some tidbits of her personal life!

Fanlala: What was your reaction to having ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ asking to use your music on their show, especially on something as big as the season finale?

Maggie Sajak: It was a huge honor and very exciting, especially because I love the show! I was so happy it was played at the very end when Devin made her choice.

Fanlala: You’ve recently turned 17, did you do anything big for your birthday?

MS: Not exactly! This year, my high school’s break ended on my birthday, so I actually ended up doing homework.

Fanlala: Music is such a unique way to get your message out, what is it you want to tell your fans?

MS: I want them to enjoy being a teenager and spending time with friends because there’s no reason to grow up too fast. High school can be tough, but it’s important to enjoy the special moments.

Fanlala: In “First Kiss” we see you playing a guitar out on the football field.  How long have you been playing guitar?  Do you specialize in any other instruments?

MS: I’ve been playing guitar for five years now. The first time I played I knew it was the perfect instrument for me! I also play the piano and mandolin, and I just started playing the ukulele.

Fanlala: Country music has gone through such an evolution throughout the years, from Johnny Cash to Garth Brooks to Taylor Swift.  What era of the genre would you say is your favorite?

MS: I love listening to 90’s country. There were so many inspirational female artists who were huge at that time like Martina McBride, Faith Hill and Trisha Yearwood.

Fanlala: You’ve grown up around the entertainment business all your life.  How did that help guide you when starting your career?

MS: It has really helped me put things in perspective and keep the different aspects of my life balanced. I try to stay focused on my career, but never forget to have fun with it.

We have Maggie Sajak’s video below for you to check out, and in case you’re wondering, she is in fact ‘Wheel of Fortune’ host, Pat Sajak’s daughter.  How cool is that??

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