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It’s been a long trip for brothers Joel and Luke of for KING & COUNTRY. Hailing from Australia and growing up around music all of their lives, they made the big move to America where they are quickly sweeping the nation. With their latest album Crave hitting shelves February 28, we wanted to get the lowdown straight from the duo. Take a look to see what inspires the pair, and learn more about them!
Fanlala: Australia is a long way from where you are now, what did you do to land in such a great position in the states?

for KING & COUNTRY (Joel): Peculiar providence? When we were kids, still living in Australia, our Pop lost a quarter of a million dollars promoting an artist's tour that went, well, south. So we sold everything we owned, packed 16 suitcases and moved straight from Australia to Nashville, TN in hopes of starting a new life. There were six children, Dad, and our Mum who was pregnant with our little sister. That was the beginning...it’s a crazy, but exciting story because every high and low experience has lead us to today!

F: “Light it Up” is written about a close friend of yours.  Does a lot of your music come from personal experience?

for KING & COUNTRY (Luke): We write about the things we experience in life;  whether it is about a personal friend who's going through a difficult time or something that relates directly to us. On this record there are songs about depression, God, ex-girlfriends, pushing on pull doors and abuse. We want to write songs that resonate with the heart.

F: Your group’s name was taken from a British war chant, about fighting for what you believe in.  What is it that you want to accomplish with your music?

for KING & COUNTRY (Joel): I think there’s something really epic about this concept of standing up for something greater than yourself. There are all these grandiose films like “Braveheart” and “Gladiator” and we hope our music has that same sort of feel, and we most certainly want to live our lives in that way as well.

F: You’ve had several concerts already, any interesting or crazy fan stories you have for us?

for KING & COUNTRY (Luke): The other night we were signing a few autographs and this dude came up and said, "Would you sign my forehead?" That probably goes down as the most unique item I've signed thus far.

F: Which song off of your upcoming album, due later this month, would you say means the most to you?

for KING & COUNTRY (Luke): For me, it would be the title track, “Crave.”  It's a song that I wrote with a buddy of mine on a dreary day and the opening lines say, "Hope sleeps without me, her sweet dreams surround me, but I'm left out" It's one of the most personal songs I've ever written and certainly means a lot to me. 
for KING & COUNTRY (Joel):  I really love each of these tunes, BUT, if I had to pick, I'd say the album opener, “Light It Up.” It's got it all to me – drama, heart and passion.

F: We’ve all heard your music on the hit show “The Vampire Diaries,” how did it feel when you were asked to be featured on the program?

for KING & COUNTRY (Joel): The opportunity to have one song featured was quite an honor in itself, and to have two songs with “Love’s to Blame” and “People Change,” just blew us away. "Love's To Blame" is my personal breakup song, so to see something that was written from such a specific experience accompanying this scene in the show was really exhilarating to me.
for KING & COUNTRY (Luke): One of the coolest things about it was that we had finished our album, no one had heard it yet, there was no single on the radio and the fact that it was on a TV show, much less “The Vampire Diaries,” blew our minds. We were honored to have gotten the opportunity!

F: If you had the world’s undivided attention for thirty seconds, what would you want to say?

for KING & COUNTRY (Luke):  Life will fly by so make it count. Stand for truth.
for KING & COUNTRY (Joel): I would tell the girls not to settle for second best in relationships because they’re priceless.

Wow.  for KING & COUNTRY have really worked hard to where they are now.  We had the pleasure of getting to know these guys while they were in Los Angeles, and we can't wait to follow their promising music careers!

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