EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Degrassi's Luke Bilyk

Luke Bilyk Degrassi

The hit teen drama ‘Degrassi’ has been on the air in its many forms for decades. This season, TeenNick will be celebrating the 300th episode of ‘Degrassi.’ We got to chat with Luke Bilyk, who plays the character Drew Torres on the series. He gave us a look into the show that only one of the actors could have! So what did Luke have to say?


Fanlala: Degrassi has been on the air for several decades now, what is it like being a part of such a rich series?

Luke Bilyk: Being a part of a show that has been around for 32 years is an amazing experience. It has such a history of success and I am blessed and honoured to be a part of this.


F: Are there any hints you can drop on us for the future of the show?

LB: In season 12 Degrassi will deal with a very serious storyline that has never been done since the return of 'The Next Generation.'


F: How do you relate to your character Drew in real life?  Do you share any traits with him?

LB: I think as an actor I need to be able to relate to a character on some level, but the truth is that Drew and I are not too similar in personality. We are both sports buffs and do have similar clothing styles, but I would say the similarities stop there.


F: Tell us about your work with "Free the Children," and your time in India.

LB: Free the Children is such a great organization to work with Being able to help children in other parts of the world is a very rewarding and educating experience. India is one of the greatest places in the world. I think that it would be a wise choice for everyone to go on a trip to a country in need and do something to help. It really changes your life. It certainly changed mine.


F: As a TV star, you have to have some favorite shows of your own, is there anything you're currently watching or excited to see start back up?

LB: I am really quite late on catching shows when they first come out. My favorite show is ‘Lost,’ which unfortunately has ended. And my second favorite show is ‘The Office.’


F: Are there any projects that you're currently working on that your fans can look forward to in the future?

LB: I'm currently focused on shooting the rest of Degrassi’s twelfth season, which takes up most of my time. I also have a recurring role on 'Really Me' on Family Channel. A big moment for me will be on October 18 when I will speak in front of 20,000 people at the 'We Day' show in Vancouver.


We’ve seen ‘Degrassi’ in so many forms throughout the years, and we’re absolutely loving what’s on TeenNick now. We can’t wait to catch the 300th episode later this month!

Photo: Caitlin Cronenberg

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