Cody Simpson Interview

It’s not every day you get to catch up with Cody Simpson, but this afternoon, we got to chat with the Aussie sensation about everything he’s been up to lately (for the record, he’s been doing a lot!)

Talking to us from all the way in Edmonton, Canada with four shows to go on his tour with Big Time Rush, Cody dished some deets on everything to concerts to his upcoming album.  Check it out!


Fanlala: What kind of pictures did you want to paint with ‘Paradise,’ is there a running theme of the album?

Cody Simpson: The album is called ‘Paradise,’ and with it, I really want my fans to get lost in their own personal paradise.  Everyone is going to have their own idea of paradise, and I want them to see it when they listen to the album.  I also put some of my own ideas of paradise in there.  Some of the songs have a really cool beachy vibe.  I worked really hard on it, and the album is really unique to me.  There are also some really fun dance songs on there, ‘So Listen’ will be a bonus track on the Deluxe Edition.


F: Do you have any events or plans for October 2 to celebrate the release?

CS: Right now, not that I know of.  That night, I am performing at the Staples Center with Justin Bieber as part of his ‘Believe’ tour.


F: Earlier this year, we saw a pic of you and Justin Bieber in studio - a question on everyone’s mind since then, what were you guys working on together?

CS: We’ve got a couple ideas down, nothing we got to finish for this album.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get back in and work on some things for next year!


F: With the album on the horizon, we’re all excited for your tour.  Can you give us any details on the “Welcome to Paradise” Tour?

CS: I’m going to Europe in November, and I’m really stoked about it.  Then I’ll be going on tour in February or March I’d say for a legit North American tour.  It’ll be my first tour since early in 2012 when I went out in February and March.


F: How did the idea for ‘Finding Cody’ come about?  And what was it like working on such a relatively new concept?

CS: Me and my crew were looking for new, innovative ways to connect with my fans.  We always wanted to be able to create different ideas and be innovators.  It’s going to be a fun movie where my fans will be able to make choices in the movie, and there are lots of paths which is really cool.  You’ll be able to like sneak backstage and into my dressing room.  It’s an awesome experience.


F: With all of the time you spend touring, creating music behind the scenes, recording the 'Wish U Were Here' Series, meeting your fans, promoting your clothing line - is there ever any down time for Cody Simpson?

CS: It kinda depends on whatever city I’m in.  My down time really comes when I’m in LA. I’m usually surfing - it takes my mind off the craziness that surrounds me 24/7.  I usually go down to the best spots in LA super early, before all the people are there.  It really clears my mind, chills me out.

I’m also back in Australia twice a year.  I grew up on the beach, surfed all the time.  All of my best mates are really good surfers.  I like going back for Christmas and throwing some really awesome parties.


It’s always awesome to talk with our favorite artist from Down Under!  Cody told us that there is a lot going on with ‘Paradise,’ and he’s even launched an app for smartphones, and it’s all for the fans.  Called ‘Smitten with Cody Simpson,’ those using the app can see at any point where they are in relation to Cody.  Said the star, “It points in my direction... says I’m this many miles away... it’s really cool!”  Hey, we have no problem knowing when we might see you next!

Our interview finished off with Cody telling us how much he loves each and every one of his fans.  “I wouldn’t be here without them, and I’m super excited for them to have this music.” And we can’t wait to have it.  Thanks again for the interview, Cody!

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