China Anne McClain Interview

China Anne McClain is no stranger to the camera.  We love watching her every week on Disney Channel’s ‘A.N.T. Farm,’ but you can also check her out on Tyler Perry’s ‘House of Payne,’ and next year you can catch her in ‘Grown Ups 2!’

We got to chat with China about her upcoming movie role, as well as her music and part on ‘A.N.T. Farm.’  Check out the interview below!


Fanlala: What was it like reuniting with your castmates on the set of Grown-Ups 2?

China Anne McClain: It’s amazing, because we haven’t seen each other in so long.  This movie is even bigger, and it’s really really funny.  The kids have gotten so tall and big, and it’s just really great seeing the entire cast!


F: Has Charlotte changed at all since we last saw her in ‘Grown Ups?’

CAM: Charlotte has definitely changed.  She’s more mature, and she does do stuff differently.  She actually sings in this movie, and I was really glad to get that opportunity.  There are a few other things you won’t expect from the kids, so you guys will be surprised for sure!


F: What would you say is the most memorable moment from the set of ‘A.N.T. Farm?’

CAM: I’m going to have to go wayyy back and say the first episode.  Everyone was really meshing, and it was a fun experience.  It was all new, we were getting used to the Disney system, and just being around so many kids.  It was an experience that was just full of pure fun and joy.  And I’m glad I got to make so many friends.


F: Your music career is definitely taking off as well, what kind of feel are you and your sisters going for on the album you’re working on?

CAM: We definitely have three different styles of music, but they come together in a great way.  We’re working on an album right now, and we’re loving how it’s turning out.  Our dad is the main producer, which is really great.  When we have an idea, we can just go into the home studio.  It’s really easy that way.


F: You come from a very artistic family, with a dad in the recording industry, and collaborating with sisters on your album, is music and acting something you’ve always wanted to do?

CAM: Oh yes.  I didn’t know I could act, or that I even wanted to.  One day, one of my dad’s music friends came in, and he told us about an audition.  I went for it, and I figured out that I wanted to and that I could act.  

Music has also always been in our house, we grew up with it, and our dad taught us how to sing and control our voices.  We love what we do.  We’re learning instruments, and it’s just really awesome that we grew up in a really artistic house.


We can’t wait to grab our tickets for ‘Grown Ups 2!’  China is telling us that there will be plenty of surprises and things that will totally catch you off guard!  “We’ve been filming more episodes of ‘A.N.T. Farm.’  The series is getting bigger and bigger, and we’re preparing for a huge finish for season 2!”  Watch out for more music from the McClain sisters, too.  China says they’ve even been working on some videos!

This is super exciting!  China is one of our favorite actresses, and we’re glad she’s hard at work to bring us even more great music and entertainment!


Photo: Getty Images

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