Exclusive Interview with Austin North

We got the chance to catch up with Austin North before the premiere of his guest star role on ‘A.N.T. Farm.’ He will be in the Halloween episode “MutANT Farm 2.” This is expected to be the highest viewed episode of the season. We thought it was only appropriate that we ask him Halloween themed questions. Austin dishes the deets about the show and his Halloween plans! Check it out!

Fanlala: You're in the Halloween episode of Ant Farm! What can you tell us about it?

Austin North: It's called “MutANT Farm 2” & is a sequel to last year's Halloween episode. I play a guy named HOLLAND who finds himself in some interesting situations, mostly involving China & Lexi. There are lots of special effects & some interesting twists along the way.

F: How are you going to celebrate?

AN: I'm having viewing party with some friends at my house for the “MutANT Farm 2” episode premiere Friday night.

F:Where else have we seen you?

AN: I played RICKY WEAVER on Disney XD's show called Kickin' It, which you can still find airing on Disney & Disney XD at times.  It's also available on Netflix.

F: Any funny behind the scenes moments on either show?

NA: If you guys follow me on twitter or Instagram, you know that I'm obsessed with Pinkberry frozen yogurt. One day while we were on set, Disney surprised us with a Pinkberry special delivery! It was the absolute best day of my life....

F: Are you excited for Halloween?

NA: I like to be freaked out & pull pranks on my friends ... so I'm planning some stuff. ;)

F: Will you go trick or treating or are you too old?

NA: I haven't really made plans yet, but will probably sit behind a bush & scare people that come to my front door.  You've been warned...

F: Do you know what you are going to be this year?

NA: It's a very hard decision, but I'm considering a spandex Spider-Man costume.   

F: Are you going to buy your costume or make it?

NA: I don't know how to make a cup of soup, let alone a costume.

F: What was your all time favorite costume?

NA: The one you'll see on A.N.T. Farm ... It's awesome! 

F: What was the coolest costume you've ever seen?

NA: A guy dressed up as a thumb.

F:Will you go to any of the Halloween events in LA like the haunted hayride, Disney's Halloweentime or Universals Horror nights?

NA: My friends have been asking me to go to Horror Nights, but I'm being a little girl about it.

F: What is your favorite Halloween movie?

NA: I can't wait to see my friend, Olivia Holt's new Halloween movie 'Girl vs Monster' on Disney Channel.

F: What is your favorite scary movie? 

NA: Monsters Inc

F: What is your favorite candy?

NA: Sour patch kids

F: Are you afraid of anything?

NA: Let's just say my sister wanted me to kill a spider the other day ... and next thing you know 'Austin has left the room'

F: What movie villain?

NA: The Joker

F: What is your favorite halloween activity

NA: I have a lot of great memories of going to the pumpkin patch.

You can check out Austin’s guest appearance on ‘A.N.T. Farm’ this Friday on the Disney Channel, along with brand new Halloween episodes of your favorite shows. They’re all part of Disney Channel’s Monstober, and it’s happening all month long. Don’t miss out! And check out the behind the scenes video down below.

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