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Drew Chadwick Emblem3

Drew Chadwick is one of the three superstars in the latest group to take the stage, Emblem3. We had the boys in studio (check out their video below,) but there’s still a lot that we wanted to learn about the group.

So we took a crash course in Drew-ology, and learned everything we could about the Emblem3 star, so without further adieu - Drew!

Full name: Drew Michael Chadwick

Birthday: October 1, 1992 (20 years old)

Where was he born? Port Angeles, Washington

Before Emblem3: Drew spent time with the members, but back then they were known as The American Scholars. The trio made music in their basement. It wasn’t long until they were signed by Simon Cowell following their successful run on ‘The X Factor.’

Drew Facts

  1. Besides being a musician, Drew is also a passionate environmentalist.
  2. Drew has written many of Emblem3’s original songs.
  3. The guitar, ukulele, and piano are all instruments that Drew is skilled at playing.

Soon, Emblem3 will be releasing their first studio album ‘Nothing to Lose’ on July 30. After that, they’ll be kickin’ it with Selena Gomez on her Stars Dance Tour later this year. It’s been a wild ride, these past few months, but we know that Drew and the other guys are more than ready to handle it!

Photo: Getty Images

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