Ed Sheeran Peeks into the Future

Ed Sheeran Album

Ed Sheeran is doing the whole music thing from the UK.  Kind of like One Direction, but the British singer is a one man show, and what he does, he does with his own unique style!

The 21-year-old singer has been very busy lately, and it’s all leading up to something huge!  With his first, curiously titled album ‘+’ a major success, his fans want to know how he’ll be topping it.  We think he’s found a way...

Performing at the closing ceremony for the Olympics, Ed was spotted hanging out with the boys of One Direction.  It looks like their friendship may extend into a professional outing.  Ed says he’ll be joining up with the boys for not just a single, but an entirely new album project!  Does this mean an entirely new bunch of songs featuring both of the UK sensations?  Only time will tell.

We also know that Ed will be featured on ‘Red,’ Taylor Swift’s upcoming album.  The question is, how will their sounds mesh?  Taylor was part of a B.o.B. track earlier this year, and the two very different styles of each artist made for one heck of a song that we’re STILL listening to!

Ed also has plans to tour the United States in the near future.  We know that 1D will be doing the same next year - maybe they’ll be hitting the road together.  We’d totally check that out!

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