DoSomething's Teen for Jeans Campaign Collects Over 1 Million!

DoSomething Teens for Jeans

This year, held their fifth annual Teens for Jeans campaign, and they crossed one very epic milestone!
In collaboration with Demi Lovato and Aéropostale, DoSomething was able to gather over 1 million pairs of jeans with their Teens for Jeans campaign!  These jeans will be distributed to homeless youth all across America.  This means that over two-thirds of homeless teens will be able to receive a pair of pants.
DoSomething didn’t gather all of these jeans by themselves, either.  With the efforts of one in every three high schools, they were able to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.  Other celebrity supporters of this amazing cause include Cody Simpson, Gym Class Heroes, Kristen Bell, and so many more.  Of course, none of this would have been possible without the caring hearts of the jean donors.  Check out for a road map of their journey to 1 million pairs of jeans.
We can’t believe that one million pairs of jeans were collected.  Props to everyone who donated, you’ve really made a difference in people’s lives.

Photo: DoSomething

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