Celebrates Teens For Jeans with a PJ Party PJ Party Teens For Jeans’s Teens For Jeans Campaign is nearing its close, and the organization is going for one final push before they wrap up this season.

Have you ever woken up on the morning and just not wanted to get ready for the day? Well isn’t only encouraging it, but they’re making it help out those less fortunate with their Teens for Jeans PJ Party. Tomorrow, February 9, malls across the nation are inviting teens to join them at their local Aeropostale. Bring all of your sleepover stuff, and come with your friends wearing a pair of PJs. And don’t forget to bring the jeans that you would be wearing to donate and help homeless teens of the nation.

You’ll be able to share what you’re doing with other participants across the country as well! If you have a smartphone and Instagram, you and your friends can take pics and upload them with the hashtag #TFJpjparty - it’s the one PJ party that you’ll have a blast at, and help out those in need.

We want to know how many of our fans donated to help out and Teens For Jeans. Let us know down below if you dropped off a pair of jeans!

Photo: Getty Images

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