DoSomething and Foot Locker are Searching for Scholar Athletes

Do Something Foot Locker

We all know how important an education is in today’s society.  However, we also know that an education can cost a lot of money.

Fortunately, for all student athletes out there, and Foot Locker are teaming up to provide $400,000 worth of scholarship funds among 20 of you.  The Scholar Athletes program is looking for individuals who go above and beyond both on the field, court, pool (among others) and in their communities.  Tons of students applied for the scholarship last year, and a stellar twenty high school athletes were selected to each receive $20,000 to apply towards their higher education. 

Want to submit your name for a chance at the prize?  Then head over to where you can submit your e-mail address and phone number.  From there you’ll receive e-mail updates with directions on what to do from there.  You can also check out previous winners’ profiles.  It gives you an idea of what DoSomething is looking for in a stellar athlete, but don’t be afraid to do things your own way.  Individuality is part of what makes you the go-getter that everyone admires.

We know there are some exceptional sports stars reading this, and we’d love to see your names in lights some day!

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