Dog With A Blog Recap 'Stan Talks To Gran'

Dog With A Blog Recap 'Stan Talks To Gran'

Last week's episode of Dog With A Blog, 'Stan Talks To Gran' starts off with the kids trying to win tickets to Rockapalooza! This is perfect timing as their parents are going away for a spa weekend! Stan manages to dial the number with his paws and wins the tickets! But the kids aren't exactly on their own for the weekend, their Gran comes to stay! 

But don't let her name fool you! Their grandmother isn't going to just sit back and let them do what they want. Right away she puts them to work with chores then calisthenics! But when she almost throws out Stan's, toy he blurts out for her to stop! Thankfully she just thinks it was the kids playing a trick on her, but unfortunately she punishes them by telling them they can't go to the concert! 

Stan feels bad so he takes it upon himself to talk to Gran and clear things up, but she just passes out again! She thinks she's just losing her mind and it's her subconscious talking to her through the dog. Of course Stan takes advantage of this and get Gran to do what he wants, first off letting the kids go to the concert!

Meanwhile, their mom is not very relaxed at the spa, she can't stop worrying about the kids at home with Gran! She doesn't have much to worry about as Stan has everything under control. He even has a heart to heart conversation with Gran about being a better Grandmother!

Gran goes a little overboard and starts showering the kids with gifts thinking that she is actually losing her mind. Avery starts to feel bad and decides its time to reveal the truth to Gran. They convince her to keep the secret and Gran appreciates having a better relationship and shared secret with her grandkids! So now, one more person in the world knows about Stan's secret, let's hope this number doesn't keep growing!

Photo: Disney Channel 

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