DeAndre Brackensick Discusses American Idol

American Idol DeAndrew Brackensick

DeAndre Brackensick may have left last week on ‘American Idol,’ but he will definitely not be forgotten.  He got to speak out about his experiences on the show; see what he had to say below.
As competitive ‘American Idol’ can be, we’ve learned the contestants and the judges are just as much of a family.  Upon his departure, DeAndre said that “the judges came and talked to me and just told me to keep doing what I’m doing and that I’m going to keep going on in life with music.”  It looks like this summer is going to be just as fun for DeAndre, touring with the contestants, “because we’re so close.”
DeAndre was also proficient with his music history.  Being only 17-years-old, it helped him out when researching who to perform for 80’s week.  “It does help because you just get thrown with a whole bunch of different genres just randomly.  You need to know different styles, different genres, different decades of music and because song choice is the whole game of ‘Idol,’” said the star.
We’re glad DeAndre left in such high spirits!  R&B singer Akon will appear as this week’s mentor as the contestants perform songs from the current decade.  Tune in Wednesday and Thursday at 8/7c on Fox

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