Daniella Monet's List of Likes from 2010!

Daniella Monet

We all know and love her as "Tori's" (Victoria Justice) hilarious sister "Trina" on Nickelodeon's Victorious....see what Daniella Monet had to say about her 2010 highlight's and looking ahead to 2011!  Here's her list!

Fanlala:  What were some of your 2010 highlights?

Daniella Monet: 

1.  Finishing an awesome first season of victorious and starting an awesome 2nd season of Victorious.

2.  Playing Tootie in the Live Action movie of The Fairly Odd Parents with Drake Bell in Canada!

3.  Dancing a ton!

4.  Making amazing new friends.

5.  Finding a few really great new vegan restaurants!

F:  Looking ahead to 2011?

D:  I'm super excited about 2011 for so many reasons...

1.  New experiences! 

2.  New adventures! 

3.  More dancing!

4.  More funny episodes of Victorious!

5.  The live action FOP movie coming out!

6.  New people, new places, new things! 

7.  Loving life and living it to the fullest!

This list sure shows off Daniella's awesome personality!  We wish her all the best in 2011, and hope to see lots more of her!

Photo:  Keith Munyan/Nickelodeon

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