Cody Simpson Tweets a New Song Title

Cody Simpson Boy Without A Home

It looks like Cody Simpson will be releasing new music this year. He’s already proven to us that he’s very busy, so what else could he be working on?

This afternoon, Cody tweeted to his fans and followers “writing a new record called "boy without a home" in the studio right now. this one's pretty personal & emotional.” We can’t imagine what this new track will sound like, but we know it’s going to be phenomenal. Cody has definitely grown up since he burst out onto the scene, and we have a feeling he’ll be writing even more powerful music in the next few years. And we definitely hope this mean we’ll be getting a new Cody Simpson album this year. Our fingers are crossed!

Even though it’s just February, Cody has already dropped new music for his fans. “Shine Supernova” is out and will be featured on the soundtrack for the movie ‘Escape From Planet Earth’ which drops this Friday! Cody is also on tour with Justin Bieber, and they’ll be headed overseas starting next week.

This is going to be a huge year for Cody fans. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out The Paradise Series. New episodes every Tuesday!

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