Cody Simpson Shares His Favorite Moments On Tour With Us!

When you leave a concert, you talk about all your favorite moments the whole ride home. You talk about the songs you loved hearing most and the things the artist said on stage to the crowd. As a fan, we totally geek out on our favorite stars and we love to see them perform. As an artist, they totally do the same! In Cody Simpson's latest episode for his 'XVII' AwesomenessTV series, he shares his favorite moments while performing for his fans (and totally geeks out).

Cody takes a look back at the past few months on the road and shares the most unforgettable moments he had. Whether it was on stage performing with his band mates, or meeting a super-fan, Cody wants us to know he will cherish all the memories. We love hearing that our favorite stars remember us, and love experiencing these moments with their fans. Watch Cody's new episode in the video below, and hear what his favorite moments were during his acoustic tour. 

To hear all your favorite Cody songs, download Fanlala Radio now. Be sure to tell us in the comments below which song is your favorite!


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