THE CLOCK WITHOUT A FACE to Be Written by 24yo Former Kid Actor

Jason Fuchs, a former kid actor (Flipper and voice talent in video games "Bully" and "Red Dead Revolver") turned screenwriter (Ice Age: Continental Drift) will write the kids movie The Clock Without a Face for Paramount. Based on the children's story, it's about tracking down the thief who stole the jeweled numbers from an ancient clock that controls all time (sounds kinda like Spy Kids 4!).

Fuchs is pretty interesting. At just 24 years old, he's on fire as a screenwriter. Besides Ice Age 4,he's written the Cinderella update Ragz for Nick Cannon and Nickelodeon and is writing the supernatural teen movie Break My Heart 1000 Times based on the book about a teen girl living in a post-apocolyptic world inhabited by ghosts who is haunted by her dead father and a teen boy she'd never met.

Source: Deadline

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