Christina Aguilera Loves Nintendo's Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo is really overhauling things in 2014. They already got a major head start with two major releases this year, and they’ve got us super excited with their summer lineup as well!

Up until now, our Mii characters have only really lived in the Mii Plaza. Sure they come out to play with us in other games, but we’ve never really gotten any one-on-one time with them. That is, until now!

Tomodachi Life is already a major hit in Japan, and soon, American 3DS owners will be able to hang out with their friends’ Mii characters and participate in so many awesome activities, like swimming, playing music, and tons of other crazy activities. Want to see what else you can do? Check out the video down below!

Tomodachi Life Nintendo

Tons of stars are even getting in on the Tomodachi Life craze. Nintendo has just announced Christina Aguilera as their first spokesperson for Tomodachi Life. You can even check out her Mii character in the video down below. Tomodachi Life heads to all Nintendo portable systems on June 6 - we can’t wait!

Photos: Nintendo

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