Check out the Full Track List for the 'Teen Beach Movie' Soundtrack!

Teen Beach Movie Soundtrack

Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, and plenty of other stars will be landing on Disney Channel on July 19 in ‘Teen Beach Movie.’ But if you want your music from the guaranteed smash hit, then you’ll definitely want to pre-order the ‘Teen Beach Movie’ soundtrack! It’ll feature all of the songs you’ll hear in the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie! You can check out the track list down below. Make sure you aren’t left high and dry when the ‘Teen Beach Movie’ soundtrack drops on July 16, just three days before the big event. We can’t wait!

1. Oxygen - Maia Mitchell

2. Surf Crazy - Spencer Lee, Kelly Hawkes and Cast

3. Cruisin’ For a Bruisin - Ross Lynch, Grace Phipps, Jason Evigan

4. Falling for Ya - Grace Phipps

5. Meant to Be - Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Grace Phipps, Spencer Lee

6. Like Me Ross - Lynch, Maia Mitchell, Grace Phipps, Spencer Lee & Cast

7. Meant to Be (Reprise 1) - Grace Phipps, Spencer Lee

8. Can’t Stop Singing - Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell

9. Meant to Be (Reprise 2) - Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell

10. Surf’s Up - Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell & Cast

11. Coolest Cats in Town - Spencer Lee, Grace Phipps, Jason Evigan

12. Surf Crazy Finale - Cast

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