Celebs Share Favorite Birthday Memories! Blake Michael, Tiffany Espensen, And More!

Blake Michael Favorite Birthday Memories

Fanlala caught up with some of your favorite celebs at Madison Pettis’ 13th birthday party and they shared with us some of their own favorite birthday memories and much more!
‘Bucket & Skinner’ star, Tiffany Espensen said her favorite birthday memory was on her “Golden Birthday.” (A Golden Birthday is when your age matches your birth day.) The starlet went on her own ‘epic adventure’ for her 10th birthday, when she and ten of her closest friends rented a limo and spent the day at Universal Studios! Not to mention they snacked on Sprinkles Cupcakes all day long! Talk about a ‘golden’ birthday!
Allisyn Ashley Arm also celebrated her birthday in style by throwing a dinner party in her honor! Last year, Allisyn and a couple of her closest friends rode around town in a limo while the gang danced and played music the entire time! The “So Random!” star said it was “really fun!”
"Lemonade Mouth" star, Blake Michael said his favorite birthday memory was when he was 9-years-old! For that birthday, Blake and his best friend just hung out at his house and chilled by the pool. However, instead of celebrating by having a slice of birthday cake, these guys ate apples dipped in caramel! Yum! Sounds delicious! Blake then went on to say, that he actually craves cake all year ‘round, except on his birthday! How funny! But when he is craving a slice of cake he knows how to do it right! Blake said his ideal birthday cake would have, “vanilla ice cream with some fudge to add a little ‘flava’, and maybe some strawberries on top!”
Roshon Fegan from Disney’s “Shake It Up” said that getting his own recording studio at age 10 was his best birthday ever! Roshon said, “My mom just kinda dropped it on me! She was like here’s a drum set...and a piano...and a guitar! It was insane!” Roshon’s “Shake It Up” co-star, Adam Irigoyen said his best birthday memory was when he went on vacation with his family to San Francisco, because that was the same year he came to California to pursue his acting! Wow! Talk about two amazing birthdays!
Savannah Jayde, told us that while growing up, having slumber parties at hotels was the cool thing to do! The “Big Time Rush” starlet said,”sleeping over, running around, and going to the pool was the best birthday ever!” Sounds like a blast! Jayde went on to say that the best birthday gift she ever received was for her last birthday, when she got a laptop! She “really needed it, and it was awesome!”
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What is YOUR favorite birthday memory?

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