Brand New 'Austin & Ally' - "Campers & Complications"

Austin & Ally Campers & Complications

‘Austin & Ally’ is all new this weekend, and as old friends make a return, other friendships might be in trouble.

Ally (Laura Marano) has an old friend, Elliot (Cody Allen Christian) coming into town, and the two are eager to meet up. They haven’t seen each other since they took arts & crafts together at camp. Elliot is still into making things (he carries a glue gun in his pocket...) Everything seems to be going really well. Ally is super happy that she’s found someone, what could be the problem?

Unfortunately, Austin (Ross Lynch) seems to be getting a little jealous of Ally, despite the fact that he’s dating Kira (Kiersey Clemons). Will Ally’s new relationship step in the way of Austin’s? And what will become of their music career? Find out this Sunday, February 17 at 8:30pm ET/PT only on Disney Channel in “Campers & Complications.”

We hope that Ally can find a way to keep hanging out with Elliot and Ross can keep his jealousy back. After all, we couldn’t imagine a world without ‘Austin & Ally’s’ music!

Photo: Disney Channel

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