Big Time Rush Drops Teaser Music Video for Windows Down

Big Time Rush Windows Down

Big Time Rush has been hard at work on several things.  Whether it’s their music, their upcoming tour (kicking off next month!), or working on the next season of ‘Big Time Rush,’ we know they’re ready to impress their fans at any moment.

In just two weeks, fans of BTR will be jamming out to their latest single, and the music video for “Windows Down.”  Down below, we have a sneak peek of the video for their upcoming track.  Once you watch it, you can see that they might have had some help from some of your favorite Nickelodeon stars.  The teaser video is just a minute long, and it certainly has us begging for more.  Two weeks seems like a while off.  Maybe if we ask nicely, the boys will give it to us now?

Summer may be here, but it hasn’t even started, yet.  Starting in July, the Big Time Rush Summer Tour will sweep the nation, and fans will be going wild.  You can head on over to their website to see if tickets to the tour are still available in your area.  And with Cody Simpson or Rachel Crow opening for them on the tour, what more do you need to know??

We’re huge BTR fans, and if we’re able to make it to their concert, we’re totally in!  Will YOU be going?

Photo: Getty Images

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