Behind the Scenes of Debby Ryan and BooBoo Stewart's Fanlala 1 to 1

This morning (July 22) we got to hang out at the Luxottica Group showroom in Los Angeles with Debby Ryan and BooBoo Stewart for their Fanlala 1 to 1! The room lit up when the best friends greeted each other and laughter immediately ensued. We could tell they were close and we learned just how good of friends they really are when they were answering each other’s questions about favorite music and restaurants!


Along with answering questions submitted by YOU, the fans, they told the story of how they met! “It was on ‘Suite Life,’ right?” Debby said. “I walked out and you were playing with a puppy!” They may know a lot about each other and can make the other crack up, but they’re total opposites. When asked if BooBoo would choose truth or dare, he admitted that he would choose truth, opposed to Debby who would go for it! “That’s how we are,” she said. “I’m like, SKY DIVING! And he’s like... truth.”


We had a blast hanging out with them and we know you’ll have so much fun watching the video for their Fanlala 1 to 1, so be sure to be on the lookout for that coming soon!


Check out pics from the shoot here.

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