Artist Alert: Shilpa's New Single Pinch Me is a Pop Soul Dream!

Shilpa Pinch Me

Already generating buzz across platforms like MTV, VH1, AOL Music and MORE, Shilpa Narayan is an artist whose music is taking her places all over the world!

Down below, you can listen to Shilpa’s new pop soul single Pinch Me. Brimming with emotion, Pinch Me is the perfect song to turn to when it feels like you have nowhere else to go. It already has us more than excited for Shilpa’s upcoming EP, due later in 2015.

Right now, Shilpa is based in New York, but with the skyrocketing success of her YouTube channel, we can’t wait to see where her music takes her in 2015 and beyond. Let us know what you think of Pinch Me in the comments down below!

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