Ariana Grande Shows Us Raw Footage of "Put Your Hearts Up!"

Ariana Grande Put Your Hearts Up

Ariana Grande is a busy girl, not only is she working on the KCA Favorite ‘VicTORious,’ but she’s balancing it in with a busy music and social life, too! 

Several months ago, on Valentine’s Day, we were treated to the music video for Ariana’s single “Put Your Hearts Up.”  The song is amazing, and the video is just so feel-good, you can’t help but watch it over and over!  Yesterday she took to YouTube and gave something music fans don’t normally see - a behind-the-scenes look at “Put Your Hearts Up!”  It’s footage of the video before it was taken to the editing room.  See what it looked like before any effects or corrections were made.  So cool!

Ariana posted the video saying “I found a really old version of the music vid with no color correction or post production at all & I'm about posting it! So I'm not exactly sure how much trouble this is going to get me in but I kinda couldn't resist! Love you guys and I hope you enjoy, xoxoxo!”  Somehow we don’t think it’ll be that big of a deal.  After all, we love her for it, and we know her fans will too!

We’re so happy to see Ariana’s career going the distance.  We love what she’s done so far, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store!

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