Rumor Mill: Ariana Grande Is Leaving 'Sam & Cat' & Is "Not Sorry"

Ariana Grande

We talked about it yesterday, and we cannot stop talking about it today! The battle between Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy is continuing and we have begun starting to fill in the blanks. First, Jennette decides not to attend the Kids' Choice Awards, but we were uncertain as to what her real reason was. Then Jennette unfollowed Ariana on Twitter, which led to a "quote" battle between the two besties. 

And late last night, Ariana continued to fuel the rumor mill with her latest tweet. She wrote, "something important that I've learned is to never apologize for a choice u make if it makes you happy. it's your life. make sure u enjoy it."

So what is the latest gossip that we have been hearing? Rumor has it that Ariana is quitting 'Sam & Cat' to pursue her music full time. Without "Cat", there is no need for a "Sam" then, right? Is that why Jennette is so upset with her bestie Ariana? What are your thoughts? Would you be upset with Ariana if you were Jennette? Tell us your answers in the comments below, we want to hear your thoughts!

Photo: Twitter

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