A.N.T. Farm Recap ‘Angus’ First MovemANT’

A.N.T. Farm Recap ‘Angus’ First MovemANT’

Last Friday's episode of ‘A.N.T. Farm’ titled ‘angus' first movemANT’ begins with Chyna talking to Angus about the strange noise he makes when he sneezes. Then, Mr. Grundy asks Chyna to come up with an idea for a really good ringtone app to beat Hashimoto Mobile’s most downloaded ringtone app in history. She comes up with several ringtone ideas, but Mr. Grundy doesn’t like any of them. Then, Angus walks by and sneezes, and Mr. Grundy says that the sneeze will be his new text alert ringtone!

The 'sneeze sound' becomes the most listened to sound in history! Angus soon gets really caught up in his success and even gets his own entourage! Meanwhile, Olive complains to Fletcher about how she’s bored since she has already read every book in the library and the entire internet, so Fletcher gives her a riddle to keep her busy – but she has a lot of trouble solving it!

Then, Angus is asked to come up with a song for Mr. Grundy’s 'Z Phone Ad Campaign,' and Chyna suggests that he makes a song using other sounds from his body. She wants to embarrass him with this prank, but then finds out that the song will be broadcasted live in front of millions of viewers! She doesn’t want to embarrass him that much, so she wants to stop Angus from playing the song in front of the big crowd. 

Olive still can’t figure out the riddle – she even acts out the entire riddle to try and solve it, until Angus finally tells her the answer to it. In the end, Chyna fails to stop Angus from playing his new song, which consists of him making a lot of strange sounds with his mouth. Then, Chyna helps him by recording each sound on different Z Phones and then playing them all together to make a song! Looks like Chyna saved the day! Make sure to check out this Friday's 'A.N.T. Farm' titled 'unforseen circumstANTs' on Disney Channel! 

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