61% of Kids Have Seen a Rated R Movie at the Theater

UPDATE: KidsPickFlicks informal survey of kids attending rated R movies is pretty consistent with the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC found only 1 in 4 kids were able to buy a ticket to a rated R movie and similarly, 24 percent of our respondents said they were able to walk right up and buy a ticket with no problem.

What the FTC didn't calculate, however, is how many kids are going to rated R movies. In our survey sample of 405 respondents, a whopping 61 percent say they've seen a Rated R movie in the theater, most of them buying the ticket as stated above (24%), 20% saying they attended the movie with someone 17 or older, and 18% say they snuck in.

KidsPickFlicks is a site for kids 7-17 and its assumed survey respondents were also in that age group.

March 2013 - The Federal Trade Commission says the movie industry is doing a pretty good job of not letting kids see Rated R movies. They did a mystery shopper routine where they sent kids 13 to 16 out without a parent and had them try to buy a ticket to see a Rated R movie. Approximately one in every four kids was able to buy a ticket to a Rated R movie, which is less than it was in 2010 when it was one in three kids. One big exception is the AMC Theater chain: kids trying to buy a ticket to a Rated R movie had a 95% fail rate. 

Logicallly, though, most kids are a little smarter than that. If you're 13 and you're trying to see Spring Breakers, you're not going to walk up the window and buy a ticket, right? While we at KidsPickFlicks do not encourage you in any way to go see a Rated R movie if you're 16 or younger, we are curious: have you ever seen a Rated R move in the theater? And if so, how? Did you buy a ticket, go with an older friend or family member or just buy a ticket for a PG movie and walk into the R movie? Please tell us in our poll in the righthand column. Thanks!

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