Manika Dishes on "My Way" and Her Debut Album

Manika Dishes on "My Way" and Her Debut Album

Manika let us stop by her studio to give us the scoop about her debut album and song "My Way". 


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i'm so jealous! are you a big cody simpson fan too?! I can't wait for his new album

That's so cool! Have you and your band performed anywhere else?

I'm a singer too and my band is called bangbang. We played at our school and everyone loved our song Boyz R Dumb. Not as good when you sang it.

if you ever come to Ormond Beach, Florida u can stay at my house.

You dated Cody Simpson. r u still seeing him.

How many songs are on your double album? Is Can't Let You Go on it?

You wrote a children's book? What's it called?

I want to be your boyfriendxoxo

•••Where was this video taken.

will u ever be coming to Toronto Canada to perform soon? Me and my girlfriend would love to meet you in person. Also how do we get autograph from you? Is there a fan club we can sign up to?

Manika have you dated any of the guys from 1D?

Is anyone else in your family in the music business? My favorite song you did id Good Girls.


Your new song My Way is such a powerful song. I love it.