Kendall Schmidt & Logan Henderson Go 1 to 1

Big Time Rush's Logan Henderson & Kendall Schmidt Go 1 to 1

See what happens when Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson go 1 to 1 for Fanlala!


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wow!!! that was like cute!!!!!!! just I like pickles like adorable logan. anyway logan is kind a cute!!!<3<3

i love Logan!

how about kendork for kendall

hilarious! omg. XD

LOGAN...... as you do to see more and more handsome?? I LOVE YOU

KENDALL would u ever take a fan out on a date and get her flowers?

Kendall and Logan, what is your favorite football team?

haha there so funny ! i lobe kendall hes s funny and logan to haha so funny! you guys!

Oh man. Kendall cracks me up!
Keep it up Kendall!

Seriously, who duznt lik pickles!?!?! lol(:

carlos question was really interesting...though this pickles question was just strange

that wasnt from carlos that username isnt carlos' twitter :P

those 2 are hilarious <3

haha poor Logan!! "Ok, next question." (: he's sooo cute!

i feel so bad for kendall!!

logan was like 'them again' LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is soo cute


kendall and logan ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so hot

they are both so so so handsome

lol :) poor Logan... when he said "what's that? what's goin' on?" he sounded like my cousin Paul. ^.^

I <3 Logan!!! :) He is so gorgeous :D Kendall is cute! :3

they are amayzing!!!!!! :D

u got that right


so funny

they r so cute !!! <3<3<3

Love this!

omg kendall wants me (us) 2 date logan but hum i like kendall WAAY MORE HE`S WAAY HOTER

Why would Carlos ask a qustion like that, he sees them everyday.

Bigman <3