Updated Justin Bieber Ultimate Fan Quiz !

1. Justin Bieber's middle name is:
2. Justin Bieber's favorite color is (this is correct as he confirmed it on a British talk show):
3. Justin's parents names are:
4. What is the name of the girl Justin chased in his video 'Baby'
5. Who told Justin Bieber to 'Break A Leg' and it actually happened:
6. Who did Justin say he was unattracted to :
7. What is Justin's Chinese Zodiac Sign :
8. Justin's oldest woman was how much older than him :
9. Videos and Petitions have been made for Justin to star in :
10. Jusin started dating at :
11. Justin's favourite food is (this is right as he confirmed this on a british talk show) :
12. Justin's little sister is called :


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So easy....!!