Shake It Up Quiz

1. Who plays Cece Jones?
2. What does Duece do for a job?
3. What did Gunther say to Tinka in the episode: Add It Up
4. What job was Rocky going to get, that made Flynn, Cece, Ty, and Deuce upset about?
5. What disorder does Cece have, and Bella Thorne
6. Where was Gunther and Tinka born?
7. Does Deuce have a girlfriend?
8. Who is Duece's girlfriend's name?
9. How old is Flynn?
10. How old is Rocky and Cece?
11. What holiday does Gunther and Tinka celebrate? (Rocky and Cece celebrated with them)


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81% improvement in all of my other test! :):)

81% close enouth:)

100% yay!