selena quiz

1. where was she born?
2. what month was she born?
3. when was she born
4. what show is she in ?
5. who's selena best friend?


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That's what im saying.. It's by Dallas but she wasnt born there..

100 but Selena was born inGrand Prarie, Texas, It is by Dallas but she was born in Grand prarie

ah no selena was born in Texas everybody knows that!

100 %

actually demi was born in dallas and selena was born in new york and then she went to grand prairie!!!!!!!

thx i know it was easy

100% Easy

Awesome! :)))

100% Eassy!

Great quiz though!

Yeah Demi was born in Dallas,Texas, not Selena they were born in different towns

she was actually born in grand prairie texas, not dallas


that was kinda easy kinda not!