Mindless Behavior Quiz

1. Who is the youngest MB member?
2. What is Prodigy's favorite color?
3. What makes Princeton so Mindless?
4. What is Ray Ray's favorite color?
5. How many members are in the group?
6. Their new single is called "My Girl"
7. Who did they open up for on tour in the summer?


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i loved this quiz not only because i love Mindless Behavior but because i answered a 6/7

What do you think?I got 5out of 7 on how well do you know mindless behavior

What do you think?

I luv mindless behavior so much that I can go crazy

pretty neat

cool i got 95 5/7 corret

me tooo but roc my husband but look b follow me on here



need hard ones

I  MB

i love mindless behavior

i love priceton he is so hot < 3 (kikiyrific657)

i love mindless behavior

I love roc royal he is sooooooo cute

i got 5 out o 7 sad face :(

i got 6 out of 7

i know ray ray in roc royal are the bombest but ray ray is cuter

i ANSWERED the same answers and they said i got 6 out of 7.

that is not her name....HER NAME IS KIESHA GAMBLE. Tisha campbell was prodigy's mom in the video.

ok guys u know their manager that u call kiesha cambell well her right name is tisha gambell if you dont believe me watch the hello video and u will see her name at the start see i got proof

Hey mindless behavior ! :)

I love u roc royal and ur smexy new haircut :)

princeton i luv him

princeton i love him

i like that photo

Right you can keep dreamin cause they arn't urs

OMG RAY RAY IS SO SEXY OMG...................

hey its a fan telling u all that u r every allsome to me i like the song mrs.right

i know right he is like soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo frekin sexy i just want to freak him so bad