Jessie Disney Channel

1. Who plays Jessie?
2. Who plays Luke?
3. Who plays Emma?
4. Who plays Zuri?
5. Who plays Ravi?
6. Who plays Burtrom?
7. What's the name of Ravi's lizard?
8. What's the name of Ms. Chesterfield's dog?
9. Ms. Chesterfield already had a date with who?
10. In the episode "Sticky Situation" who changed the glue with shampoo?
11. What's the name of the guy that Emma liked?
12. Luke sleeps with which kind of stuffed animal?
13. Luke is crushing on who?
14. The story takes place where?
15. Witch one of these is not a real quote from Jessie ?
16. True or False: Jessie is officially Luke's girlfriend?
17. Why did Jessie go to New York?
18. What's the name of the mom?
19. Jessie is in love with who?
20. Which kid wasn't adopted?
21. What's Jessie's job?
22. What's the name of Zuri's imaginary friend?
23. What did Zuri say when Jessie tripped over her bag and ruined Emma's project?
24. In the first episode, Jessie payed the Taxi man how much?
25. What does the lizard eat for lunch?
26. In episode 7, How many times did Connie text Luke?
27. In episode 9, The Hot Teen Celebrity that visits the Ross family's name is...?


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Some where HARD! Others were easy.

96% is still ok too!


88% is still ok

It ms Kipling now

im still good and i got a 88

thanks everyone :*

this quiz is gr8 i am in love with luke

is super the quiz

The one about what do the lizard eat for lunch is a trick question. It frog breasts

This quiz is gr8! I love Jessie

i got 81%

i got 88%

Good quiz!

I Love Jessie!

Im still good even with 74%

This is sooo easy!

This quiz is ez

You played my Quiz ?

like i said before easy a+