If you love Mindless Behavior take this quiz

1. What was the first song Mindless Behavior released?
2. Who have Mindless Behavior gone on tour with?
3. What year was Mindless Behavior discovered?
4. How old are the members of Mindless Behavior? (February 2011)
5. Who is the main singer in Mindless Behavior?
6. Which member of Mindless Behavior was in a commercial at age 5?
7. Are the members of Mindless Behavior brothers?


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I like mindless behavior they don't think full of their selves

i love all of them they just so unique and talented in there own way besides singing and dancing

I love mindless behavior so much I wouldn't never forget them

i can

i luv mb

i love mindless behavior badly ,no one can imagine how much i love them <3