How well do you know the show 'Big Time Rush'?

1. What was Gustavo's last hit before Big Time Rush?
2. What's James's Definition of Awesome?
3. Gustavo's Couch is a...
4. Where is Jo from?
5. In 'Big Time Fever', Bitters grabs what flavor of snowcone from Katie's stand?
6. Which boy tells everyone to think "Happy thoughts about kittens" when something's wrong?
7. Finish the Line: "We're teenagers! If we don't party..."
8. In 'Big Time Party, Carlos invites:
9. Who said it? "If you drink milk on a hot day, you die!"
10. Along with the Minnesota Wild, Kendall would willingly play for the...
11. In "Big Time Sneakers", what kind of shoes do Logan and James buy?


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me tooooooo We love btr forever!!!!!!!!


yo home dogs


BTR rocks 4 eva!! =D


I ♥ B ♥ T ♥ R ♥



@blizzbrooke I know! But it doesnt matter i got 96%


some of the answers are wrong