How much do you really know about The Suite Life On Deck?

1. Who is Zack going out with?
2. Who has guest starred in one of their episodes?
3. Who are the 6 main people in The Suite Life On Deck?
4. Who are twins?
5. What do they study in their movie?
6. Who is Cody going out with?
7. What is Zack's real name in the show?
8. Who is Cody to Zack?
9. Who is London to Bailey?
10. Who is London?
11. Who is Marian?
12. Who is Marcus?
13. What's the SS Tipton?
14. What's Zack's, Cody's, London's, Bailey's, Marcus's, Woody's, and Addison's high school called?
15. What was the name of their movie?
16. What is Zack's name in real life?
17. What's Cody's name in real life?
18. What is Marcus's name in real life?
19. What is Marian's name in real life?
20. What is London's name in real life?
21. What is Bailey's name in real life?


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I love them for real

I m so sad that if they hate me

1 wrong

easy a

i got three wrong. I'm still improving.

me either

i guess i really don't know zack and cole sprouse