How much do you love Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior?

1. What is Roc Royal fear?
2. What is his fav mid-night snack?
3. What is his favorite movie? (Roc Royal)
4. Favorite dance move? (Roc Royal)
5. Who do they all idolize?
6. Who does Roc Royal idolize?
7. When is his birthday?
8. What is Roc Royal favorite food?
9. What is Roc Royal favorite color?
10. Signature accessory? (Roc Royal)


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I made a 60% it was stupid to be honest lol but I still love mindless behavior especially Princeton

idk retake the test duhhh lol

in love with roc


im roc royal #1

i would do any thing to get rocroyal

shawty umm u spelled rocs name wrong

- Where Are My Results. . .?

i love rockroyal so much

where my results at. . . . . . . .