Do You Know Cameron Boyce?

1. When is Cameron's Birthday?
2. What State does Cameron Live In?
3. How Many Sisters does He Have?
4. What is His Dog's Name?
5. What Disney TV Show does Cameron So-star In?


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I love the tv show Jessie, I think its funny how Luke always tries to be romantic on Jessie. Zuri is my girl she reminds me of how sassy i was when i was her age. She always has me laughing. my favorite episode with her in it was when millie the mermaid was saying bad words and jessie asked her to be nice to zuri and she told zuri that millie would be nicer. Zuri said uh huh what she said is words my mother told me to never say.

Thanks Sammie 143 ! You rock! A big shout out to Sammie 143 every body! Becuz she is amazing!

i luv dis quiz (and cameron boyce)

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I made this quiz! Please comment! :D