Are you like Liv or Maddie?

1. What is your favorite after school activity?
2. Do you like being the center of attention?
3. What would you wear to a school dance?


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Also, technically, Maddie does like being in the center of attention. She's the best girl basketball player at the school right? She play's in front of crowds, so...

Then when I answered all Liv answers, I was wrong. I agree with awesomness5. The title should be: Do You Know Maddie?

The title should be different. It's less who you are. I was told I was wrong when I chose my own answers.

Can i get friends i just started

I Guess im Maddie

i guess i'm liv then

The title makes it seems like a survey or something. The title should be called do you know maddie.

I guess if you get a 0%,you are like Liv

So u have to be

Iike maddie

That is not a good tital

I know right? who can you complain to?

What do you think?

What do you think?

You can't do that that's not a quiz so nobody knows what the quiz is about if its not a quiz

I love basket and siging