Naked Brothers Band Rock Hollywood!

Nat and Alex Wolff of the "Naked Brothers Band" made a stop on their Summer Road Trip tour at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, CA this Sunday (July 12). Fanlala was there and the guys really drove the crowd crazy!!  On a purple-lit stage Alex started off the show with an amazing drum solo, Nat took to the keyboard in skinny jeans and a blazer.  They both looked adorable!!

The guys sang a ton of songs, many of which Nat wrote.  During "Mystery Girl" Nat serenaded a screaming crowd.  They followed it up with "I Don't Want to Go To School" another tune penned by Nat which he said "gets a lot of flack" from parents and teachers which he thinks "is kinda cool!".  For "Curious" Nat picked up his guitar and Alex sang along.  Then the band slowed it down with "Your Smile" a song that Nat said he wrote for his first girlfriend.  When she dumped him he wrote the upbeat "Face in the Hall" that they followed up with.  They also performed some songs that they have just recorded like "Maybe"!

It was an amazing show and Alex and Nat proved themselves to be true rockstars!!!  You have to try to catch them on their Summer Road Trip tour, check out the dates here!!!

We have an Fanlala exclusive from Alex and Nat backstage !!!  Your questions get answered and the guys even interviewed each other.  Check back next week for the exclusive videos.


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