Mindless Behavior Announces New Member!

We were definitely sad when Prodigy left Mindless Behavior last year, but the band is ready for a new start! Princeton, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal have announced that they have a new fourth member joining the band - sixteen year old EJ

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard new music from Mindless Behavior, so maybe having a new guy on board is the push they need to start releasing more tracks. Their new album is supposed to be out soon, and the guys are going to start performing with their newest member straight away! 

EJ has had experience staring as Simba in the Broadway production of the Lion King, so we’re sure he has a fabulous voice and is totally used to performing in front of huge audiences. We can’t wait to hear him sing! 

Speaking to JustJaredJr., EJ said, “I am living my dream and being a part of this project has been amazing and a true blessing! I plan to do big things with these guys! I am so grateful for the opportunity.” 

We’re so excited for Mindless Behavior! What do you think of their newest member? Let us know in the comments below! 

Photo: ThatGrapeJuice/ Mindless Behavior


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i look forward hearing more great music with EJ

i love love love prodigy and will always love him

why did prodigy leave.. im still a big fan though . but why

I'm totally excited for the wait to see how he succeeds In MB .....but prodigy #TM loves you and I'm pretty sure we will all fall in love with Ej but I wish him luck and I wish the whole group to adjust to this very well and stay strong.


Girl I agree witch you.

Why did prod leave in the first place? Well Ej is cute maybe he got skills like the rest of yall GOOD LUCK BOOS

he is cute I'm still sad they my hubby had left i hope he's having his head up(prod)so lets see what ej got love y'all

u right about that

Dammnnn he bomb

he is too cute prod better get back sexy again

He's cute eh