Drew Seeley Releases Fly - New Single for a Great Cause

Drew Seeley Fly

Fans of artist Drew Seeley will be ecstatic to hear about the amazing step that he’s taken.  Today, March 6, he’s released his newest single with an amazing story behind it.
Drew’s latest song “Fly” was written in honor of 14-year-old Brooke Shockley.  Brooke has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma bone cancer.  Ever busy, Drew still took time out of his schedule to chat with Brooke over Skype, and he even wrote “Fly”, a completely original song in honor of Brooke.  She was quoted to say “that was the best 9 minutes and 44 seconds of my life” when discussing their Skype session.  Drew even flew out to perform “Fly” live for Brooke and other patients.
If you want to check out Drew Seeley’s “Fly” for yourself, we have the music video for you below.  You can also download the single available TODAY on iTunes.  We totally dig the song, and definitely admire Drew writing it for the reasons he did.
We also wish the best for Brooke, we’re rooting for you girl!


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This is an AMAZING song!!!! Drew Seeley is a really great person and Brooke is a very amazing person as well and is very strong for sticking through something like this. They have both inspired me to get involved with helping people in need. Luv u Drew and stay strong Brooke!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

I think Drew is hot i like him when he played in this on movie hes a hunck