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R5 Zinepak

Are you an R5 megafan? Do you know every word to every song on ‘Loud?’ Of course you do! Well we have a very special contest for anyone who has to have anything and everything R5.

For the fan that has everything, ZinePaks are the icing on the collectable cake. If you want to prove to your friends that you’re the ultimate R5 fan, then you’ll want to enter our contest to win an R5 ZinePak. They’re full of collectable memorabilia that you can use to flaunt your R5 love.

Interested in winning one? All you need to do is tell us your favorite R5 song by September 13 in the comments down below and we’ll choose five (5) winners at random! The R5 Zinepak giveaway is open to anyone with a valid US mailing address.

This is the perfect way to get pumped for ‘Louder,’ which lands on September 24. You can also find the R5 ZinePaks at Justice stores for a limited time, starting later this month! Don’t forget, Fanlala Radio is the place to check out music from R5 and so many more artists right now! You can download it for free today!

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Forget about you, Cali girls, love me like that, pass me by and fallin for you. If I had to pick one it would be forget about you.

Loud :)

Take you there, always, anything you want, i like reading books, everything on ready set rock, everything on Loud, pass me by, so many more that I could say but don't have time to type. But if I had to pick just one I would have to say Always because it is such a beautiful song with so much meaning and real emotion behind it. Although all of their songs are awesome that way.

I love all of their songs. If i have choose one it will be pass me by . I love R5 and being part of the R5Family. You guys are really talented and deserve everything you have accomplish. I will always be a R5 fan and contiune to support you guys .

Crazy 4 U (because I'm crazy 4 R5)

What do i have to do

wishing i was 23

christmas is coming

take you there

take you there

can't get enough of you

ready set rock

look at us now

it's all about the girl

without you


pass me by


here comes forever

fallin for you

crazy 4 u

say you'll stay

i want you bad

Look At Us Now will always be an all time favorite! But Here Comes Forever, Pass Me By, and Keep Away From This Girl are definitely my "newer" favorites



"What do I have to do?" ..... To win this R5 contest?....

Keep away from this girl

Pass me by!!!!! "Remember that trip we took to Mexico..."

Love Me (rock version) cover !!! I LOVE IT