Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fanlala?

Fanlala is the ultimate community for fans. When you join the Fanlala community you get to create your own fan profile, meet other fans, upload videos and photos of your fav stars, and comment on cool videos and photos. You can also create quizzes about your favorite stars and challenge all of your friends' fan knowledge.

Are there real celebrities on Fanlala?

No. Fanlala is a fan community. It is not the official site for any of the celebrities. But, we do get exclusive interviews and hang out with a ton of stars all the time and share the videos with you, their Fans! Fanlala is your community to see all of the best stuff about your favorite stars and meet other fans!

What are Fan Bucks?

Fan Bucks are Fanlala's cool new points. You can earn Fan Bucks by doing a bunch of different things on the site. See how to earn them below.

Point values are subject to change, so be sure to check back often to see if they have been update!

How do I earn Fan Bucks?

Sign up for Fanlala: 300
Complete user profile (Fill in "Why I Am A Fan" & "Favorites"): 100
Invite a friend: 100
Log in: 30 (once per day)
Watch a Fanlala TV video: 30 (limit 10 per day)
Upload video: 10 (limit 10 per day)
Upload photo: 10 (limit 10 per day)
Comment on content (video, photo, bla bla, news, quiz): 100 (limit 1 per day)
Rate content: 10 (limit 30 per day)
Create a quiz: 100 (limit 1 per day)
Take a quiz: 10

How do I get to the next level?

Earn Fan Bucks and level up! Can you make it to the next level? And don't worry, you can spend your Fan Bucks on your avatar. We keep track of your total Fan Bucks earned as you work towards the next level.

Audience Member: 300
First Audition: 1,000
TV Extra: 2,000
TV Guest Star: 5,000
Back-up Singer: 10,000
TV Star: 20,000
Rock Star: 40,000
Movie Star: 75,000
Superstar: 110,000
Mega Superstar: 200,000
Ultimate Fanlala Superstar: 400,000

How do I spend Fan Bucks?

Every Fan on Fanlala gets their very own Avatar. You can use your Fan Bucks to buy cool things to dress your avatar with. You can also buy your friends gifts for their avatars!

How do I earn trophies?

You earn trophies by completing specific tasks on Fanlala. You will see the various trophies you can earn in your trophy case. Complete the described challenge and you earn the trophy!

How do I become a Top Fan?

Fanlala Top Fans are users that spend the most time on Fanlala and earn the most Fan Bucks. The more Fan Bucks you earn, the higher you will rank.

How do I send a friend a gift?

Want to buy your Fan Friend an awesome gift for their avatar? It's so easy. Visit the fan friend's profile page and click on their avatar image or the BUY ME A GIFT link. You can then browse your friends avatar cataloge and pick out cool things to buy your friend.

What is Fanlala Radio?

What is Fanlala Radio? Fanlala Radio is an unlimited streaming music player made for the whole family. Fanlala Radio is profanity-free and every song has been screened to ensure it is appropriate for kids 9-15. Fanlala can be played from your computer, or through the free Fanlala Radio app for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.