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We’re sad that ‘House of Anubis’ is coming to an end. We’ll miss the secrets, mystery, and surprises. But the show isn’t taking its leave without one final bang! Just because it’s the end, doesn’t mean that it isn’t the beginning for some. The...


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I hope they make a new season with Nina in it.

I hope for a sequel something like house of Isis

I love Anubis house

I love Jeroy

I love peddie

i love HoA

I think House of Anubis the best))

I love this show!

house of anubis the best

House Of Anbis (HOA) is the best show i've seen ever ♥ Mmm...i love it <3

when is the next season coming out and who will be in it

Love house of Anubis!!(:

whens the next one coming?

someone should change the pic cause nina isnt there anymore *cry*

I very like show anubis,we can learn many about the god of anubis.

house of anubis rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv h.o.a

best show ever

Its already airing in other country but not mine?

i luv this show!I watch it wen its on!

I love to watch house of anubis can wait 4 season 3

i cant wait for the third season either!!!!! HUGE fan

i love house of anubis! cant wait for the next season.

LOVE HOA!!!! Can't wait to see the whole cast; especially Eddie! :D

cant wait till next season comes back..

bored to death

right she the main person in the show and her a Fabian are together again

im SOOOOOO excited that there is a season 3 but its horrible that Nathalia Ramos wont be Nina Martin:(

Write the shows

i want to meet the cast

you guy rock love all your show wish i could meet you guys