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Earlier this month, rumors were swirling on who would be playing the young mutants in the upcoming X-Men movie, X-Men: Apocalypse. Well, last night it was confirmed, and three new actors have joined the cast!Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner...


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this is my favorite show!! my favorites are Nina Fabian Alfie Jade Joy Maura

yeah i agree

I hope they make a new season with Nina in it.

I hope for a sequel something like house of Isis

I love Anubis house

I love Jeroy

I love peddie

i love HoA

I think House of Anubis the best))

I love this show!

house of anubis the best

House Of Anbis (HOA) is the best show i've seen ever ♥ Mmm...i love it <3

when is the next season coming out and who will be in it

Love house of Anubis!!(:

whens the next one coming?

someone should change the pic cause nina isnt there anymore *cry*

I very like show anubis,we can learn many about the god of anubis.

house of anubis rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv h.o.a

best show ever

Its already airing in other country but not mine?

i luv this show!I watch it wen its on!

I love to watch house of anubis can wait 4 season 3

i cant wait for the third season either!!!!! HUGE fan

i love house of anubis! cant wait for the next season.

LOVE HOA!!!! Can't wait to see the whole cast; especially Eddie! :D

cant wait till next season comes back..

bored to death

right she the main person in the show and her a Fabian are together again

im SOOOOOO excited that there is a season 3 but its horrible that Nathalia Ramos wont be Nina Martin:(

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