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It looks like it’s been a busy week for former Big Time Rush co-star Stephen Kramer Glickman. Following the premiere of his latest short, The Greys, Stephen went on to pass on his experience to a group of students for career day at 95th Street...


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I love Big time rush really Logan Henderson He is soHOT!!!!!!!!!!!1

I <3 BTR!!! Luv ya guys U guys rock!! VOTE @ KCA Make BTR W I N :)

When you guys comes to The Netherlands?

did you see the big time movie?

Love BTR you guys are awesome!!!!!!!! :)

thats right we love BTR i hope they will win im praying for them

luv yhu guys

I love BTR!! <3

I LOVE U BTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

BTR @ KCA!!! VOTE!!!

I WISH TO meet them soooooooooo badly...

I love BTR!!!


I know right. They have to win. They r the best in the biz!

how do you vote? i know off but how??

vote for Big Time Rush so they can win at the KCA's this year!!

man i WANT to meet them

i <3 all of you guys i really wanna meet you guys

thats so true

i kno right

i love you btr

looove big time rush,really do,have a big time crush on you ;) :D

does any onw know kandalls favourite sport if YOU do please tell me!

I love them all too man they so cute hey do u kno how to send questions to them

mee too

hi boyz

hi btr

big time rush rockzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u guys rock i love u guys <3

i love big time rush